Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lives lost in Tenneessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shootings memorialized with candlelight vigils

A candlelight vigil was also held at the First UU Church of Second Life last night. Click the pic to see it big:

The flaming chalice represents the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and is a symbol of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith.

There seemed to be a lot of new people at the vigil last night. There were lots of questions about what exactly UUism is. There was only one griefer, that I know of. There were a couple hundred (real life) dollars collected in donations for the TVUUC.


Mckay K said...

My heart goes out to the Knoxville TN community.

The courage of the men who rushed this insane person (you must be insane to kill a fellow human being). And, stopped him from massacering more people.

There are also terrorist among us.

Sherril your virtual world is beautiful. I think you captured the sentiment of the night vigil very well.

UU Soul said...

Hi Sherril,
I saw you at the vigil but didn't get a chance to say hi. I had to dash off unexpectedly and returned later when you were gone. I'm so grateful that the vigil was organized.
Peace, Pamela (aka Aysu Nishi)

Sherril said...

Hi Pamela/Aysu,

I saw you too and thought about offering to be friends, but the ceremony was going on so it didn't seem appropriate.

Until we meet again,